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As Zimpertec, we act as a Solar Home Systems technology accelerator in off-grid electrification. Our comprehensive product portfolio drives us from essential DC electrification to larger-scale AC SHS. We can support everything starting from critical home electrification up to productive use. In rural communities, we support sustainable economic growth by providing reliable technology empowering productive uses by decentralized renewable energy. More than 30 Countries have been reached with our products. 

Now, we want also to support technicians and engineers worldwide to install better, maintain and use the products. The Zimpertec Academy enables you to get certification on the fly during the course.

Ulrich Zimmermann

Chief Operating Officer

My name is Ulrich Zimmermann the COO of Zimpertec. I will guide you through the applications of our Solar Home Systems.

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DC Power Bricks Solar Home System

DC Power Bricks in Nuts and Bolts

Data Logging - Offgrid Data Analytics

DC Power Bricks - Applied Maintenance Strategies

DC LSX Solar Home System

DC LSX Maintenance Strategies

DC LSX in Nuts and Bolts